AOUK&I Trauma Research Prize 2022

AOUK & I invite applications for a research prize of £1,000. This is open to all surgeons in training, as well as operating room personnel. Entry is via submission of a 250-word abstract involving any aspect of musculoskeletal trauma (including hand, cranio maxillofacial, veterinary and spine surgery).

Successful candidates will be invited to provide manuscripts for review and present their work at the AOUK meeting in October. The submitted work will be assessed for originality, presentation and clinical application.

The submitted work will be assessed for originality, presentation and clinical application. You can download the flyer here.

Information and notes for guidance can be obtained by contacting:-

The closing date for submissions is 30 September 2022
Abstracts should be sent to:
Mr Will Eardley, AOUK&I Chairman Research & Personal Development (

Details of past AOUK&I prize winners

2019 - James Fletcher £1000 : Improving trauma fixation - using an augmented screwdriver optimises non-locking screw insertion and reduces stripping rates.

2019 - David Metcalfe. £1000 : Pay for performance and hip fracture outcomes: An interrupted time series and difference-in-difference analysis in England and Scotland.

2018 - Anna Rieman £1000 : Synovial Hyperplasia after trauma

2017 – Ewan Goudie for his paper entitled:  "The influence of shortening on clinical outcome in healed, displaced, mid shaft clavicle fractures after nonoperative treatment."

2016 – No prize awarded

2015 – I Pountos

2014 – Simon Graham

2013 – Simon Graham – “Locking plate fixation of periprosthetic fractures or the proximal femur around a stable stem: biomechanical analysis of fixation methods”.

2012 – Kate Rollins – “Nottingham trauma symptomatic venous thromboembolism risk score (not SVTE), predicting venous thromboembolism in fractured neck of femurs, a multi-centred validated risk score based on 13,367 serial admissions. Kate Rollins (Nottingham).

2011 – Kate Brown

2010 – Ben Ollivere