Details of Grants Awarded

AOUK&I  Research Grant Awards 2023

Major Project Grants

  • Andrew Hall
    Scottish National Audit of periprosthetic femur fractures (SNAP Femur) - a nationwide study delivered by the Scottish Collaborative Orthopaedic Trainees Research Network - awarded £10,000
  • Rosie McColgan
    How do areas of work-life drive burnout in Irish Orthopaedic trainees and Consultant trainers - a cohort study  -  awarded £4,000
  • Hussain Elamin Ahmed
    Defining current practice in the management of fractures of the proximal third humeral diaphysis in older adults - awarded £5,000
  • Elizabeth Mainwaring and Georgia Tooth
    Feasibility study:  Does a 3 month ACL risk reduction training program reduce the biomechanical risk of ACL rupture in university sports women?   - awarded £5,000
  • Matthew Arnaouti
    IMPACT Phase II - Modified Delphi Technique and Development of the IMPACT Integration Framework - awarded £4,000
  • Abigail Shaw
    Delayed presentation and wound infection following hand trauma in South Africa:  A qualitative study - awarded £5,000
  • Omar Musbahi
    Smart Drill:  A novel device with an advanced sensor to make fracture fixation surgery safer, faster and less waste to improve patient outcomes - awarded £4,000

Research Prize Winner

  • Rajapriyian Murugaiyan - £1,000
    VR training for surgical education.

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2022

Major Project Grants

  • Abdul-Rahman Gomaa - £3350
    The Effect of Fibula Shortening on the Medial Clear Space and Lateral Translation of the Talus: A Cadaveric Study
  • Helen Ingoe -£9000
    Consensus on the outcomes measured in surgical effectiveness trials of acromioclavicular joint injuries and lateral clavicle fractures
  • Abdus Burahee - £9592
    Super-Charging Nerve Transfer (SETS) to auget recovery after seere ulnar neuropathy at the elbow
  • Ben Dean - £9990
    Improving Wrist Injury Pathways (I-WIP)
  • Ryan Trickett - £4184
    Patient Reported Outcomes Following Hand & Wrist Injuries (IRAS: 296316, REC: 22/PR/0720
  • Sophie McDonald - £4970
    Biomechanical assessment of the requirement for bone grafting for surgical fixation of tibial plateau (TP) fractures
  • Muhamed Farhan-Alanie - £7815
    Understanding patients' preferences and recovery priorities following treatment of a lower leg fracture: a discrete choice experiment

Research Prize Winner

  • Kyung-Hoon Moon - £1,000
    Virtual fracture clinic triage and selective use of MRI:  A hybrid model for managing suspected scaphoid fractures.

Diversity Grants

  • Kate Spacey - £4975
    Mentorship of women of East Anglia Trauma Surgeons (WEATS) - A day of virtual formal mentorship training programme.  A second session will be organised to provide a mentorship matching event and promote networking. A planned workshop
  • Edward Jenner - £5000
    Delays and Barriers to Health Seeking Behaviour Following an Open Fracture in Guyana


AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2021

Major Project Grants

  • Mohammed Khattak  - £3500
    Artificial intelligence in orthopaedics -using machine vision in acute paediatric trauma to streamline fracture management.
  • James Masters - £4000
    Outcomes and complications after hip fracture surgery in South Africa -understanding current outcomes and complications.
  • Ian Pallister - £9000
    Recovery in open and closed tibial shaft fracture innovative (RCI) physical rehabilitation - a feasibility study
  • Mr Paterson-Byrne  - £4500
    Intra-operative use of augmented reality systems in trauma and orthopaedic surgery
  • Muhammed Farhan-Alanie - £8000
    The effect of oral anticoagulant use on surgical delay and mortality in hip fracture patients; a multicentre prospective.
  • Paul Rodham - £9245
    Fractures around the knee in older people.

Research Prize Winner

  • Sandeep Deshmukh - £1,000
    Surgical treatment of dorsally displaced distal radial fractures with a volar locking plate vs conventional percutaneous methods: minimum ten-year follow up of a randomised controlled trial.

AOUK&I  Research Grant Awards 2020

Major Project Grants

  • Juan E Berner
    Quality of life after open extremity trauma (QUINTET): a prospective multi-centre international study
  • Paul Baker
    COMPOSE: characteristics, outcomes and management of periprosthetic fractures
  • Benjamin Dean
    Assessing variation in patient care pathways for suspected scaphoid fractures in the United Kingdom
  • Professor Xavier Griffin
    James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership - Major trauma
  • James Hadfield
    Establishing the feasibility of unified lower limb injury cohort data collection utilising an open fracture injury database pilot
  • Adeel Ikram
    Muscle phenotyping in frail older patients having hip surgery following fracture
  • Justin Wormald
    Ecological momentary computerised adaptive testing (EMCAT): a novel technique to measure the impact of hand trauma
  • J Masters
    Randomised controlled

Minor Grants

  • Muhammed Alanie
    Feasibility evaluation for a trial of tourniquet use in lower limb fracture
  • Christopher Bretherton
    Rehabilitation after ankle fracture treatment (RAAFT): Facilitating safe weight bearing after ankle fracture
  • Samantha Downie
    Retrospective assessment of effect of gender on operative anatomy in surgical trainees
  • Amar Rangan
    FAMOUS-C19 (Fracture Assessment, Management and Outcomes in Upper Limb Study during Covid-19
  • Mustafa Rashid
    Investigating the impact on 1:1 scale 3D-printed anatomic models in pre-operative planning of complex periarticular fractures on surgeon perceptions
  • Mohsen Raza

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2019

  • Sandeep Deshmukh - £8801
    Developing a core outcome set for hand fractures and joint injuries in adults.
  • Jun Wei Lim - £9992
    What pH level equates to impending cell death in progressive muscle ischaemia and why are some muscles more susceptible than others to ischaemia?
  • Martin Siebachmeyer - £8868
    The PEAS Study: Paediatric fractures: Artificial intelligence in diagnosis study

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2018

  • Chris Bretherton - £5923
    A James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership for Research Priorities in Major Trauma
  • Nazzar Tellisi - £9250
    Analysie of muscle damage, inflammatory and reparatory response following prolonged use of air tourniquet
  • Milovan Cardona - £2594
    Process optimisation of custom made titanium cranioplasty implants used following craniectomy
  • Alexander Schade - £6893
    Qualitative study exploring patients views of disability following an open tibia fracture in Malawi
  • Simon Craxford - £4394.49
    The creation and field testing of a new rib fracture specific patient reported outcome measure against a 'gold standard' of the EQ-5D-5L and SF-12
  • Jonathan Lamb - £10,000
    Periprosthetic femoral fracture around primary total hip replacements (THRs)
  • Samantha Downie - £9551.93
    Bony metastasis audit Scotland (BoMAS); proposal for a national database on survival and fracture risk in patients with metastatic bony lesion

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2017

Major Grant 2017

  • Mr Alexander L Aquilina- ‘ Developing core outcomes for research on open lower limb fractures’

Minor Grants 2017 awards:

  • Mr Tosan Okoro & Mr Kar Teoh - Biomechanical comparison of tibia-pro-fibula versus standard locking plate fixation of osteoporotic unstable bimalleolar ankle fracture’.
  • Bonita Tsang - Quantifying and monitoring ankle swelling in patients awaiting surgery for ankle fracture fixation using a bioelectrical impedance analysis device.
  • Henry Chandler - Insoles in the assessment of outcome in lower limb trauma - a Smart Move?
  • Emma Blain - Understanding the biological response of ankle cartilage to traumatic injury.

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2016

Major Grants

  • Simon Matthew Graham- Is human immunodeficiency virus an independent risk factor for surgical site infection in open tibia fractures managed by reamed locked nails? - awarded £9998.00

Project Grants

  • Mr Ben Marson - Identification of biomarkers for osteomyelitis - awarded £5000
  • Mr Gavin Walters - Characterising the growth factor profile of fracture haematoma in humans - awarded £4130.00
  • Miss Samantha Downie - Prevalence of intimate partner violence (PIV) in orthopaedic trauma patients - awarded £817.97

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2015

Major Grants

  • Dr I Pountos - Characterizing the phenotype of the highly proliferative mesenchymal stem cells fraction
  • Mr M Panteli - Does Dkk-1 play an important role in the development of non-unions?
  • Donald Hansom - The effects on nanopattern surface technology and targeted metabolic therapies on orthopaedic implant related infections
  • Alex Trompeter - Do multiple eccentric screws in the LCP model increase the ability to generate fracture site compressive force, even if the first screws are not loose.
  • Alex Trompeter - A biomechanial study of proposed alternative techniques to fiving transverse non-comminuted patella fractures
  • Sara Dorman - Management of lateral condyle fractures in children, a protocol for the development of a core outcome set
  • Mustafa Rashid - The development and validation of wearable technology for enhancing assessment of trauma rehabilitation outcomes.
  • Katie Rollins & D J Bryson - Body composition, sarcopenia and myosteatosis and survival in polytraumatised patients

Pathway to Portfolio Grant (one off in 2015)

  • Katie Young - Androgen precursor dehydroepiandrosterone pharmacokinetics in trauma (ADaPT)

AOUK&I Research Prize

  • I Pountos - MSCs isolates result in a morphological and functional heterogeneous population with variable self-renewal and differentiation capacities. The aim of this study was to analyse whether MSC subpopulations have different mitogenic and osteogenic potential.

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2014


  • Mr Michalis Panteli - Gene expression of MCSs harvester from bone marrow aspirate and fracture non-union tissue. A pilot study. - awarded £8623.00
  • Dr Ippokratis Pountos - Phenotypic and genetic characteristics of a high proliferative fraction of mesenchymal stem cells - awarded £9347.00
  • Katie Young - A dehydroepiandrosterone and pharmacokinetics in trauma study (ADaPT). This was awarded £10,000.
  • Dr Tosan Okoro - Trauma assessment and follow-up with integration of modern communication devices (TRAFIC) - a pilot study. This was awarded £9657.77
  • Lucy Silvester - Trauma rehabilitation. This was awarded £10,000

Project Grants

  • Edward Spurrier - Clinical outcome following blast injury in the spine. This was awarded £1035.

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2013


  • Ben Hickey - The effect of active toe movement (AToM) on venous thromboembolism and calf pump function in patients treated with lower limb cast immobilisation – awarded £10,000.
  • Salam Ismael - Comparison fatigue burnout and coping mechanisms among orthopaedic and trauma nursing staff in three different environments: a multi-centre study – awarded £5,120.
  • Tim Coughlin - Early outcomes and cost effectiveness of physiotherapy self directed therapy and advice sheets following conservatively managed distal radial fractures – awarded £9,000.
  • Juan de Dios Robinson - A biomechanical analysis of fixation of Vancouver B1 fractures augmented with the 3.5mm attachment locking plate – awarded £9965.00.

Project Grants

  • Major John Breeze - A numerical model to simulate the passage of explosively propelled fractures through the neck – awarded £5000. Download research report
  • Ryan Trickett - The minimally clinically important difference in distal radial fracture – setting the standard – awarded £4,900. Download research report

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2012


  • Eleanor Davidson - Cartilage damage following tibial plateau fractures – awarded £7,000. Download research report
  • Dashan Angadi - Biomechanical analysis of femoral fracture fixation using expert adolescent lateral femoral system – awarded £8860.00
  • Gareth Roberts - Computational engineering in the developmental of clinically relevant finate element analysis model of the proximal femur in fracture surgery – awarded £6,000

Project Grants

  • Hiren Divecha - Biomechanical study of the effect of Pauwel's angle and method of internal fixation in undisplaced intra-capsular neck of femur fractures – awarded £5000.
  • Sush Ramakrishna/Louise Nordin - Stability of different external fixator constructs – a comparison – awarded £1634.52
  • Mustafa Rashid - Configuration of fracture fixation with a proximal femoral periprosthetic plate – how many screws, cortices and cables? A biomechanical study – awarded £5,000.

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2011

  • Benjamin Ollivere - Directed early joint motion post ankle fracture fixation. A randomised controlled trial – awarded £9900.00
  • T.J. Bonner - Lower limb injuries from under vehicle explosions – awarded £10,000.
  • HB Tan - The influence of traumatic brain injury on the dynamics of growth factor release following trauma – awarded £10,000.
  • Alex Trompeter - Correlation of open tibial fracture union rates with vascular injury" – awarded £10,000. Download research report

AOUK&I Research Grant Awards 2010

  • Ryan Trickett - Measuring recovery in open lower limb fractures – the development of a novel patient centred recovery scale for lower limb trauma – awarded £8709.00. Download research report
  • HB Tan - The study of biological fitness of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in elderly patients with proximal femoral fractures – awarded £10,000