Faculty Information

You will be invited to attend an FEP if you fulfil criteria and there is a vacancy. The requirements for surgeons teaching on AO courses are as follows:

Holds a substantive consultant post (CMF-for at least 3 years), in a unit teaching AO techniques in active practice in musculo-skeletal trauma.

Attended a Principles and an Advances AO course, although for new consultants, attendance at the new Current Concepts course or a relevant Masters Programme are acceptable alternatives.

Demonstrates commitment to training and education. Prior to teaching on an AO course, faculty must have attended the AO Faculty Education Programme which provides the opportunity to meet new faculty from the ORP, CMF and VET sections.The course is run once a year over two days. It builds on the principles of learning and is targeted specifically at teaching on AO courses. You will be invited to attend a FEP programme if you fulfil all other criteria.

Must be a fully paid member of the relevant AO speciality, i.e aotrauma.aofoundation.org In addition, potential faculty members are required to have supporting references for their application, from TWO existing AOUK&I faculty members.

If you require any further assistance or would like any additional information on the faculty application process or FEP, please do not hesitate to contact the AOUK&I office on 01904 787767.