My name is Elizabeta Kotar.  I am an ORP from Slovenia and I attended, at the invitation of AOUK & Ireland, the AO ORP Advanced course in Leeds as an observer.     

That was, for me a good experience. We will have "AO ORP advanced course"  in Slovenia in September. This will be the first AO ORP advanced course in Slovenia.  We will also be celebrating our 90th anniversary.  For me it was very important, that I could come to Leeds to see how everything works and how we can be prepared. The most important thing is that I know how much effort and work I will have to carry it out in Slovenia to ensure that this event would be something special. I will do my very best to ensure that our course is successful.

So, thank you again, that I was there with you and I was able to follow your AO course.

Kind regards from Slovenia, Elizabeta Kotar

Elizabeta Kotar