Contacting AOUK&I

AOUK is a registered UK Charity (charity number 1091445). The AO Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland, dedicated to the advancement of the care of those suffering from musculoskeletal injury and disease.

AOUK&I Office Address
AOUK, 3rd Floor, Marlborough House, York Business Park, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6RW
Telephone: 01904 787767 : Fax: 01904 749055 : Email:

Education Department:
The education department is now run from Switzerland.  Any course information or queries can be made direct to the AOTrauma office in Switzerland by email to :

Clinical Divisions (also referred to as Speciality Sections) are: CMF, Trauma, ORP, VET, & Spine.

AOCMF is a driving force in education and research using modern techniques to achieve successful patient rehabilitation for a global community of surgeons.

AOTrauma creates a dynamic environment fostering change through its state-of-the-art research and education and an interactive community, empowering the next generation of surgeons. The ORP Program aims to offer operating room personnel (ORP) a lifelong learning opportunity within AOTrauma. The program focuses on blended learning where courses, eLearning tools and small learning sessions in a clinical environment are well coordinated with one another.

AOVET's mission is to advance the practice of veterinary surgery to improve patient outcomes by promoting clinical and experimental research, education and development.

AOSpine is composed of surgeons, researchers, ORP, and health care professionals from all continents providing educational, research, consulting and networking opportunities.