Professor Caroline Hing

Our own Professor Caroline Hing of St George’s University London, who is Chair of AOUK & I R&PD and also chairs the AOUK&I Undergraduate Programme delivered her inaugural lecture on Monday 7th November after been appointed during COVID times.

St George's newly arrived or promoted professors are invited to give an inaugural lecture to mark this milestone in their academic careers and to introduce themselves, update colleagues on current and future research plans, and share their research with wider audiences. She has chosen to explore why failure is essential for success.

The story of her professional journey highlights some work experience as a trapeze artist, a climber and a cockroach impersonator. It’s a must see.

The James Lind Alliance

James Lind Alliance Complex Fractures PSP

Complex fractures are complicated breaks in bones which require specialist treatment. They include open fractures, pelvic fractures, a fracture into multiple pieces and multiple fractures at the same time.  They make up a minority of the 1.8 million fractures that occur in England each year but cause significant problems for patients and are a large burden on healthcare resources.

The Complex Fractures PSP was established in 2019 and is a collaboration with AOUK & I and the Orthopaedic Trauma Society.

The Complex Fractures PSP Top 10 was published in June 2021.

AOUK&I Advanced Course

We have explored many different options to bring the AOUK&I Advanced Course to you. We are mindful that we haven’t run since June 2019, but since the start of COVID we have focused on getting 240 participants through the Basic Principles course.

Our next priority is the Advanced Principles. We have looked at different possibilities indeed, Hinkley and Dublin, but the availability of the practical kit is under particular pressure with the deferred courses all around the world. We think the best option will be to run a larger course in Leeds 2022. It would be helpful to estimate the numbers required, so if you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible so we can notify you when the course opens. You can do this by contacting  Val  at AOUK&I.

We are so sorry to have had to defer the Advanced course, but we will make every effort to catch up with the shortfall of places over the last two years.

AOUK&I paediatric course

AO  faculty have already begin preparing the AOUK&I paediatric course with overseas faculty colleagues.

The Chairs were keen to bring the content in line with current principles required by the trauma and orthopaedic surgeon caring for children as part of their practice.  They also want to integrate new educational techniques to increase the impact and the enjoyment of the programme.  Some elements will be provided on line to help participates prepare the foundations themselves so the entire face to face event can be interactive.

Just in case we are still restrained by regulations, the programme can be delivered entirely online.  Here you can see faculty experimenting with ways of creating the networks and making connections, which are a valued part of our courses.

AOUK Research Funding Expansion for 2020

AOUK Research Funding Expansion for 2020

AOUK Research and Professional Development are delighted to enable broader access to small grant funding for local and national research projects. Following the turbulence experienced through the strain of the pandemic we are keen to support research infrastructure through diverse funding of projects linked to fracture care.
We are particularly interested in funding projects this year that encourage trainee investigators and that support local research departments in recognition of all the effort made by research teams in supporting clinical care throughout the ongoing pandemic period.

For more information contact Val Chip Chase at:

Something totally new

Something totally new

Something totally new FACE AHEAD will bring together the true rock stars of CMF surgery for two intense days of interaction and networking in the beautiful setting of Barcelona.

This unprecedented event is where the top names in CMF will reveal their best-kept secrets—and give hands-on advice—to the next generation of surgeons.

The 2020 summit will explore reconstruction, complications, and innovations from the perspective of personalized medicine.

Elizabeta Kotar

My name is Elizabeta Kotar.  I am an ORP from Slovenia and I attended, at the invitation of AOUK & Ireland, the AO ORP Advanced course in Leeds as an observer.     

That was, for me a good experience. We will have "AO ORP advanced course"  in Slovenia in September. This will be the first AO ORP advanced course in Slovenia.  We will also be celebrating our 90th anniversary.  For me it was very important, that I could come to Leeds to see how everything works and how we can be prepared. The most important thing is that I know how much effort and work I will have to carry it out in Slovenia to ensure that this event would be something special. I will do my very best to ensure that our course is successful.

So, thank you again, that I was there with you and I was able to follow your AO course.

Kind regards from Slovenia, Elizabeta Kotar

Vice President of AOUK

AOUK & Ireland are delighted to inform you that John Quinlan was appointed as Vice President of AOUK & Ireland from 2018 to 2020.