Short Term International Fellowships

The AOTrauma Fellowship provides young orthopedic trauma surgeons with the opportunity to experience trauma care, delivered by AOTrauma faculty members in an AOTrauma-certified host center. The purpose is to familiarize fellows with the indications, planning, techniques, and pitfalls of osteosynthesis, as judged by AO faculty.

AOTrauma Fellowships are not courses, and they do not follow a curriculum. The knowledge acquired during an AOTrauma fellowship depends to a high degree on the initiative of the individual fellow. Hence, the main requirement for a successful fellowship is for the applicant to be highly motivated.

Annually, AOTrauma supports over 250 fellowships worldwide. They are offered in more than 130 host centers.

Each fellowship lasts between six and twelve weeks. Fellows are selected in several steps, involving the National Councils and the Regional Boards of each AOTrauma region. The fellowship includes a contribution towards expenses.

Due to high demand, it is not possible to accept every application for the program.

Fellowship program 2022/23
The Foundation could not open a call due to the pandemic but we now plan to open then call for a fellowship in 2023 in August 2022.

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