About AOUK&I

AOUK&I is committed to the education, training, and research in musculoskeletal system disorders. Our main objective is to provide further education for healthcare professionals managing these disorders, alongside funding and coordinating clinical research to improve treatment methods. The charity’s research fund strategically awards grants for projects that align with our goals, under the careful direction of our board of trustees.

We also endorse a personal development programme that facilitates educational visits to renowned centres of excellence, ensuring our activities yield public benefit in accordance with Charity Commission guidelines.

Our partnership with the AO Foundation enables us to support a diverse course programme, offering both practical and membership services. We work in tandem with the Foundation to ensure that course content remains relevant to the current clinical demands of our participants. Furthermore, we allocate funds to bolster courses, particularly through online and blended learning approaches.

AOUK&I remains a strong proponent of research, consistently backing significant projects that contribute to the field. Moving forward, we are focused on perpetuating our support for essential educational and research initiatives that equip medical professionals with the knowledge and skills for advanced patient care.

Course Overview at AOUK&I

AOUK&I provides structured courses across five clinical divisions: CMF, Trauma, ORP, VET, and Spine. Each division focuses on delivering specialised education aligned with the latest advancements in their fields.


Courses in AOCMF deliver intensive training in modern patient rehabilitation techniques. These courses are designed for surgeons seeking to enhance their skills in cranio-maxillofacial surgery through both theoretical learning and practical application.


AOTrauma courses offer comprehensive training in trauma surgery, incorporating state-of-the-art research and education. The ORP Program within AOTrauma provides operating room personnel with blended learning opportunities, combining online education tools with hands-on sessions.


Aimed at veterinary professionals, AOVET courses focus on the advancement of veterinary surgery. Through both research and educational activities, these courses aim to improve surgical outcomes in veterinary practice.


AOSpine courses cater to a multidisciplinary audience involved in spine care. Participants, ranging from surgeons to researchers and healthcare professionals, can access educational resources, research collaboration opportunities, and a professional network spanning all continents.

Each division's courses are developed to ensure that participants gain practical knowledge and skills, ready to apply in their clinical practice for improved patient care.

Course insights

Delve into the world of specialised medical education with AOUK&I’s Course Insight. Here, we offer you a detailed look at our wide array of courses, designed to cater to diverse medical specialties. Whether you're seeking to deepen your expertise in a specific field or expand your horizons into new areas of healthcare, our Course Insight provides you with the essential information you need to make informed decisions about your professional development. Discover the courses that will shape your future in healthcare and start your journey towards becoming a leader in your field with AOUK&I.