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Question 1/12
What cells make up a bone?

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Osteoblasts,  Osteoclasts, Osteocytes and Osteoprogenitor cells


Question 2/12
What are the tissues surrounding the bone?


Bone marrow

Question 3/12
The blood supply of bone is how much of the cardiac output?


Question 4/12
What are the 2 types of bone?

Lamellar - organised
Woven - disorganised

Question 5/12
How much of our skeleton is cortical?


Question 6/12
Is cancellous bone more elastic than cortical bone?


Question 7/12
How do children’s bones differ from adults?

They bend more easily

Question 8/12
What are the 3 stages of fracture repair?


Question 9/12
What is the difference between a cortical and cancellous screw?

Thread narrower and pitch smaller in cortical

Question 10/12
The effective thread depth is . . .

. . . the difference between the outside and core diameter

Question 11/12
The screw pitch is . . .
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. . . the distance travelled by one 360 degree turn of the screw

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Question 12/12
What are screws used for?
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To produce intrafragmentary compression
To attach implants to bone
To hold 2 bones in correct relationship

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