We have explored many different options to bring the AOUK&I Advanced Course to you. We are mindful that we haven’t run since June 2019, but since the start of COVID we have focused on getting 240 participants through the Basic Principles course.

Our next priority is the Advanced Principles. We have looked at different possibilities indeed, Hinkley and Dublin, but the availability of the practical kit is under particular pressure with the deferred courses all around the world. We think the best option will be to run a larger course in Leeds 2022. It would be helpful to estimate the numbers required, so if you are interested, please let us know as soon as possible so we can notify you when the course opens. You can do this by contacting  Val  at AOUK&I.

We are so sorry to have had to defer the Advanced course, but we will make every effort to catch up with the shortfall of places over the last two years.

AOUK&I Advanced Course