The AOUK Research Committee exists to promote and support clinical and basic science research in the treatment of patients with musculoskeletal trauma, maxilla-facial disorders and vetinary injuries in the UK and Ireland.

Two awards are available annually, major grants of up to £10,000 over 2 years or project grant for up to £5,000 usually over 12 months. Applications are welcomed from healthcare professionals supported by a member of AOUK Faculty. All applications are reviewed by a panel drawn from across the disciplines within AOUK. Projects linked to higher degrees are particularly encouraged.

AOTrauma Research (AOTR)
AOTrauma Research (AOTR) continuously promotes high quality research ultimately relevant to the clinical management of trauma. With this, AOTR has allocated funds for research programs designed to address important clinical problems.

The AOTrauma Research Commission is pleased to announce the following two open calls for proposals, to support scientists and clinicians in the fields of bone infection and patient outcome.

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